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TravelArrow is your travel companion. Websites like Priceline Express and Hotwire often hide the name of a hotel in their hidden deals section. TravelArrow uses algorithms to guess the name of the hotel to a 99% accuracy. Get the deal without the fear of the unknown!

How it works?

Travelarrow helps you save on travel from revealing Priceline's hidden saver deals to displaying Southwest Airline fares on Google Flights, and much more! TravelArrow runs in the background to help you travel better.

Pricewire / Hotwire hotel reveal.

Our algorithm reveals the hidden hotel name of Priceline's saver Express Deals for 4 and 5 star hotels!

Travel Arrow

Coming soon

Convert Google Flights searches to Kayak and Skyscanner

Travel aggregators Kayak and Skyscanner have the cheapest prices, so we lookup your exact route on their sites.

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Travel Arrow Miles

Use our extension to search for the best deals on your favorite travel sites and earn Travel Arrow Miles!

Travelers Love Us

This came up on my FYP, used it for the first time to book tickets last minute. It was during a very in high demand concert so hotels prices were surging! However this extension helped me find a hotel for $81. It was a steal, also the creator of this app is SO helpful. Deserves it all. Thank you so much for this

- Mafer D

I used it for a 2 night stay at a 5 star hotel in Sydney and saved over $500AUD! So it brought the hotel into my budget.

- Malissa Thorpe

Just booked an all-inclusive 4 star resort in Cabo for a super affordable rate, the Priceline reveal feature is a lifesaver!

- Sean Warby

Super clever way to minimize your travel costs!

- Tom Vazhekatt

I'm a traveller and I love the Priceline feature. It's super easy to use and I love the fact that I can see the prices in real time.

- Spot Ifycal

Amazing tool! Will definitely reveal the hotel names accurately! Get it, y'all!

- Darshan Bhatta

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